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Outside of work, Ted enjoys exercise, hiking, and spending time with his family.

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Weiyao Gu


Before joining our Ph.D. program in January 2017, Weiyao obtained an M.S. at Syracuse University studying the interaction of aluminum with organic matter in soil. His experimental studies focus on the as-yet undetected products of of the Br-initiated oxidation of mercury in the atmosphere. He is also doing computational modeling of electron beam chemistry.


Xavier Schafer


Xavier is an MS student doing mass spectrometry of Hg(II) compound, both in the gas phase and the solid phase (with MALDI). These approaches will be applied both to Hg(II) compounds that might be emitted from combustion and to those compounds formed in the atmosphere.


Taiylor Cristman


Taiylor is a senior who is doing computational research atmospheric mercury chemistry. Her mercury work focuses on reactions of BrHg with organic peroxy radicals.

Kyle Beiter  kbeiter

Kyle is a junior who is doing calculations on BrHgOO chemistry.

Former Graduate Students

Dr. Jiajue Chai, Ph.D. 2014.  Assistant Professor of Research at Brown University working on sources and sinks of NOx and HONO in the atmosphere.
Dr. Pawel Cias, postdoc 2004-06. Now at the University of Innsbruck.
Dr. Wei Deng – Ph.D. 2002. After working with Honeywell Specialty Materials and several promotions, he earned an MBA at Rice University (on a full tuition scholarship). He is now a plant manager for W. R. Grace & Co. in New Orleans.
Hongyi Hu, Ph.D. 2013, Currently working with Dr. Peter Pulay.
Yuge Jiao, Ph.D. 2017. Yuge joined McKinsey & Co. to work on health care analytics.
Khoa T. Lam, M.S. 2019. Khoa (LK) is working as a Technology Strategy Researcher at Uncharted Power, which is bringing renewable power to underserved communities.
Yuan Sha, M.S. 2013. Yuan is now a technology manager with the Shanghai Auto Industry Corporation.
Karen L. Schmitt, M.S. 2010. Now with Galson Laboratories.
Liat Shemesh, M.S. 1999. After working with several start-up companies, she co-founded CardiacSense, which has has developed the world first clinically proven medical wearable device for monitoring heart arrhythmias.
Dr. Chuji Wang, postdoc 1998-2000. Professor of Physics at Mississippi State University.
Yue Zeng, M.S. 2012. Currently working at the Energy Biosciences Institute.
Dr. Feng Zhang, postdoc 2010-2011. Now a tenured Associate Professor at the University of Science and Technology of China.
Lei Zhang, Ph.D. 2005. Now working in analytical biotechnology for manufacturing.

Former Undergraduate and High School students

Timmy Thanthimia. Timmy is a high school student who is did computations with the group in summer 2019.
Hanna L. Tetu, B.S. 2019. Will be applying to grad school in the fall.
Curtis J. Wilhelmsen, B.S. 2017. Now working at Galson, Inc.
Christopher Chambers, B.S. 2017. Studying for a Ph.D.
Matthew J. Zelie, B.S. 2013 (Paper & Biocprocess Eng.). Now working at Georgia-Pacific.
William F. Thornton, B.S. 2012.
Jessie Wang, B.S. 2009.
David-Anthony Murray, B.S. (Env. Sci.) 2009. Obtained M.S. from SUNY-Albany.
Nathan Phillips, B.S. 2009.
Patrick Leonard, B.S. 2008. Currently studying for a Ph.D. at CUNY.
Joshua Kaplan, B.S. 2008. Working on computer control of chemical processes
Kenson Jeffrey, B.S. 2008. Currently an attorney in NYC.
Alyson Lanciki, B.S., 2006. Ph.D. North Dakota State University. Now working for Metrohm Applikon in the Netherlands.
Melissa Turner, B.S. 2005.
Katherine Kitney, B.S. 2003. Ph.D. from the University of Colorado-Boulder.
David R. Katz, B.S. 2002. M.S. from University of Rhode Island, now working for EPA.
Melissa A. Ferenac, B.S. 2001. M.S. 2006 from ESF with Dr. David Kieber.
Andrew J. Davis, B.S. 2001.
Andrew S. Holloway, B.S. 2000. Currently working in the biotech industry.
Gregory F. Gawinski
Michael D. Lilien, B. S. 2003.

Research Experience for Undergraduate Students

Jennifer Dabrowski 2005 (Le Moyne College) currently Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Elon University.
Trang Pham 2004 (Emory University, M.S. Public Health, Columbia University). Currently at the George Washington University Biostatistics Center.
Dean Derbyshire 2003 (Le Moyne College). Now a pharmacist in Syracuse.
Karen Callahan 2003 (BS at Ohio State, PhD at UC-Irvine, currently a postdoc at the University of Montreal.

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